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My youngest son, Austen Berj Brooks, died from an opiate overdose on November 25, 2014 at the age of 23. Although not generally known, he struggled with depression and drug addiction for many years. He had been sober for 9 months, had a good job, was saving money, buying nice things, thinking about graduate school and law school, making new friends, working on making himself the best he could be both inside and out.  But, the internal and constant debates in his head, the fighting factions, the cravings, the sadness, the turmoil, never really stopped. What he presented to the world was a very intelligent, handsome, kind, empathetic, polite, hard working, wonderful young man. Many thought he was special. He was. He had a voracious laugh, he enjoyed discussing politics and sports, he was learning to play the guitar, he loved fine watches, music, gaming technology, he was loving and affectionate, and he was looking forward to finding a young woman to share his life with.

This is a work in progress. A place for me to share Austen’s reflective nature, his creativity, his deep appreciation of life, his words, my words, to let the world know the ‘rare breed’ that he was.  He made the world a better place, he made a difference. His wondrous spirit carries on.

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