“Staying In The Moment, But You Have To Dream Big”

As I read through Austen’s writings, I find nuggets of insight, hope and inspiration, a young man with a luminous mind and cosmic vision, teachings for everyday life.  From Austen’s Journey Through Sobriety last summer:

“This is the prime of my life.  I want to enjoy it.  I finally have momentum in a positive direction. I’ve been speaking about needing this for so long.  If I could just get a little momentum, if I could just get a few basic necessities set into place…. So, here I am, about four and a half months sober, with a lot of positivity flowing through my life.  I am not perfect, far from it, I make mistakes everyday, I get moody, I say the wrong thing, but each day I learn and get a little older and a little bit wiser.  I just want to be able to be in the moment, I’m always so preoccupied with getting to a point where I can start to live.  Like if I just had this or that then I would be able to start living. This kind of thinking causes me to miss out on the present that is right in front of me. I have to lift myself up and be the person I am capable of being. I can’t let the darkness and negativity in.  I have to carry myself like the man that I know I am. … I have to stay centered and grounded in my self. You have to dream big. You can never give up on trying to be a legend. Not just a good person or a great person, but a truly special, unique, amazing individual. If you don’t try to reach for the stars, you won’t be able to land on one of the planets.”  (Emphasis added.)

Austen Berj Brooks, July 13, 2014

This photo titled, “Reflecting,” was taken by Austen and posted on Instagram on June 15, 2014.



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