You Have To Dream Big

4 Years – the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (November 25), 2014


Austen in Paris along the Seine, March 2011

You have to dream big.
You can never give up on trying to be a legend.
Not just a good person or a great person, but a truly special, unique, amazing individual.
If you don’t reach for the stars, you won’t be able to land on one of the planets.
Austen Berj Brooks, 2014

We love you Austen and we miss you terribly,
but we will, like you
strive to dream big and reach for the stars

with tears and smiles
and everlasting memories
of the truly special, unique, amazing you.


3 thoughts on “You Have To Dream Big

  1. When I read Austen’s writings, I am deeply saddened. He was talented in a variety of disciplines! And, he fought with all his might to beat the demons that haunted him. I miss him so!

    Grandpa Ted

  2. I’m very sorry for your loss.. Austen was a great friend of mine growing up and I just found out about his passing.. He was funny, bright, athletic, and clearly wise beyond his years. I wish I could’ve stayed in better touch with him. I always felt close to Austen.. I know we had a special bond. I felt like we understood each other on a different level.. one that you don’t stumble upon very often. His journals are certainly though to read but at the same time beautiful.. He rly had a fascinating mind. Your blog does an amazing job showcasing that.

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